– Ninja Force

Code Name: Bushido

Snow Ninja

File Name: Goldfine, Lloyd S.

SN: 452-H89-0079

Primary Military Speciality: Cold Weather Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Strategist

Birthplace: Hollis Quenens, N. Y.

Grade: E-5

Bushido likes to practice his martial arts skills outdoors in freezing temperatures to heighten his sense of awareness and discipline. He is known for being cool and calculating in the heat of battle, just like his blood brother Banzai. After studying the techniques of such notable ninjas as Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes, he trained himself in, of all places, Iceland. He has great respect for tradition and for family pride, which is why he wears an ancient Samurai helmet as did his warrior father.

“Like a pointed, crystal icicle, I´m as clean as I am dangerous.”




White long sword
White short sword
White broad knife
White horns
White Axe
2x White Dueling knife
White Sickle