– Ninja Force

Code Name: Banzai

Rising Sun Ninja

File Name: Travalino, Robert J.

SN: 452-H89-0078

Primary Military Speciality: First-Strike Commando

Secondary Military Speciality: Nunchaku Instructor

Birthplace: Hartsdale, N. Y.

Grade: E-4

Banzai is the aggressive blood brother of Bushido and is considered one of the world´s premier nunchaku masters. He is always ready to defend himself should a situation become hostile, and he is proud of the fact he has never been caught off guard (a skill every great ninja must possess). Banzai trained in the hostile mountain climate of Tibet where he perfected his “suzushi slam” and gained discipline and inspiration from a spiritual ninja master living in seclusion. Having mastered the use of ninchakus along with his lethal slam technique. he is surely considered “double the trouble” by Cobra!

“To get in touch with my inner self, I always practice nunchakus with my eyes closed.”



Pink long sword
Pink short sword
Pink broad knife
Pink Axe
2x Pink Dueling knife
Pink Sickle