Sneak Peek v2 – Night Force

Code Name: Sneak Peek

Advanced Recon

File Name: King, Owen

SN: 150-77-4411

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Radio-Telecommunications

Birthplace: Bangor, Maine

Grade: E-5

Sneak Peek is a legend in the Ranger recon battalions. His battalion commander told of one mission where his control unit got overrun. In the ensuing confusion, he was never recalled. He stayed put, observing enemy activity, taking notes and sketching maps for two weeks until somebody remembered he was out there and sent him the signal to return! He is, of course, Ranger qualified and proficient with all NATO night-vision devices.

“Equipped with third generation passive image intensifiers, optical range finders, parabolic microphones and noise-gated amplifiers, Sneak Peek can pinpoint the location of the enemy in complete darkness, without revealing his own position. Rumor has it that all of his electronic hardware is simply back-up for an extraordinarily-developed sense of smell and an acuity of hearing that extends into the subsonic and high-frequency ranges.”



Black tower
Black tower handle
Black tower part
Black walkie- talkie
Black binoculars
Black rifle
Black microphone