Shockwave v2 – Night Force

Code Name: Shockwave

S.W.A.T. Specialist

File Name: Faria, Jason A.

SN: 231-4109-MR43

Primary Military Speciality: Special Weapons and Tactics

Secondary Military Speciality: Choir

Birthplace: Dearborn, Michigan

Grade: E-4

Shockwave was the youngest member of the Detroit Police Department´s S.W.A.T. Team, and the holder of two citations for bravery when he signed up for, and was accepted by the G.I. Joe Team. When asked why he left a promising career to work longer hours for less money, kicking down doors on better armed adversaries, Shockwave replied, “What, you think I do this for the money?” An expert in executing successful assault tactics, Shockwave is now a member of the Night Force unit as the commander of their post-daylight search and destroy missions.

“Everybody on S.W.A.T. Team has a specific job, like in a choir. Choirs have tenors, baritones, altos, etc. S.W.A.T. Teams have sharpshooters, climbers and ´inside men´. Shockwave is the Night Force door kicker! He´s the first inside and the first to find out how bad it really is. He´s also a half-decent tenor when his voice is in shape…”



Black backpack
Black machinegun
Black pistol
Black knife