Outback v2 – Night Force

Code Name: Outback


File Name: Selkirk, Stuart R.

SN: 688-27-4213

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Survival Training Instructor

Birthplace: Big Piney, Wyoming

Grade: E-5

Outback was an instructor at both Survival School and the Jungle Warfare Training Centre. He has had extensive experience in Central America and may or may not have participated in clandestine operations in the Middle East. Most people are intimidated by wilderness. They do not feel comfortable in an area where there is no sign of human life for miles. Not Outback! He believes in being part of his environment, not its adversary!

“A covert team that functions at night and lays low during the daylight hours has its own peculiar survival problems. A nice, cozy spot to set up an ambush could also be a preferable nesting place for poisonous snakes. A dry steambed might be an inviting place to pitch a shelter if one didn´t know about the possibility of flash-floods. It´s Outback´s job to get the Night Force team to their target, intact and healthy!”



Black backpack
Black web belt
Black rifle w/sling