Muskrat v2 – Night Force

Code Name: Muskrat

Swamp Fighter

File Name: Williams, Ross A.

SN: 564-6108-SW54

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Social Services

Birthplace: Thibodaux, Louisiana

Grade: E-4

Muskrat spent his formative years up to his knees in one swamp or another, hunting raccoon, possum and wild pig. He was able to hold his own against poachers, ´gator skinners, moonshiners, escapees from the chain gangs, and smugglers. Ranger School and JWTC* seemed like summer camp to him. When he was tapped for Night Force duty he was sent to advanced night warfare school. By the time he graduated, he was teaching the experts a thing or two about nighttime swamp fighting!

*Jungle Warfare Training Centre

“If I had to go chase down Muskrat in the swamp at night, I´d give up before I started. He´d be sprinkling cayenne pepper in his tracks to throw the dogs off, laying false trails into water moccasin lairs, rigging deadfalls, setting snares, and having himself a good ol´ time, never even working up a sweat. I´d just as soon go home and watch TV.”



Black wakeboard
Black shutgun
Black machete