Flint v9 – Night Force

Code Name: Flint

Warrant Officer

Filename: Faireborne, Dashiell R.

SN: 307-62-FD87

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Rotary Wing Aircraft Pilot

Birthplace: Wichita, Kansas

Grade: WD-2

Flint is a classical scholar and graduate of the Special Forces School and Flight Warrant Officers School. He brings a broad intellectual background as well as finely honed technical skills and tactical knowledge to the GI Joe team. He is proficient with all NATO small arms and explosive devices, and rated to fly all current U.S. military helicopters as well as rotary wing aircraft in the services of most western and former soviet bloc powers. Flint has been part of or led numerous covert hostage rescue missions in hostile territories. The exact nature and details of these missions are highly classified and unlikely to be made public or even acknowledged. It doesn´t bother Flint in the least that he will never receive credit for these missions, nor be awarded decorations or citations. “I didn´t do it to get promoted,” he said, “I did it to bring those americans home.”

“We´re not heroes, we´re just doing our job”





Black backpack
Black submachine gun
Black walkie talkie