Charbroil v2 – Night Force

Code Name: Charbroil


File Name: Shannon, Carl G.

SN: 247-40-ZY09

Primary Military Speciality: Flame Weapons Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Small Arms Armorer

Birthplace: Blackduck, Minnesota

Grade: E-4

As a childhood chore, Charbroil had to heat the water pipes in the family basement with a blowtorch to keep them from freezing and bursting in the winter. As a teenager, he worked in the mills on the Great Lakes, feeding coal into blast furnaces. When the recruiting sergeant asked him what type of job he was interested in, he replied: “What have you got with open flames?”

“Flame weapons are scary to the max. Why do you think he wears that asbestos suit? He´s the only one on the Night Force squad who enjoys wearing a full tank of jellied gasoline on his back. Do you know what happens if a hot tracer round hits that? Would you want to be standing next to him? For a flamethrower specialist, he´s a pretty nice guy but with that thing on his back, he isn´t going to win a popularity content in the middle of a firefight.”



Blue/red helmet
Black backpack
Black rubber hose
Black flamethrower