Beachhead v6 (Light Flag)
– Night Force

Code Name: Beachhead

Army Ranger

Filename: Sneeden, Wayne R.

SN: 902-46-5W14

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Small Arms Armorer

Birthplace: Auburn, Alabama

Grade: E-7

Beachhead hits the ground running and doesn´t stop until he reaches his objective. An Airborne Ranger through and through, he cheerfully rises before the sun, runs ten miles before the team´s regular physical training session and shouts “more P.T., Duke” at the top of his lungs while doing twice the usual jumping jacks. A hard charger and a soft touch, Beachhead can always be counted on to buy a round of sodas for the whole team at the P.X. Snack Bar. Gregarious and sociable, Beachhead is amazingly well-liked for an individual who often wears a ski-mask and likes to do push-ups during lulls in conversations. He is a national-level competitive battle-rifle marksman and is extremely skilled with a variety of edged weapons and blunt instruments.

“I´m the kind of guy who likes to hear stuff go bang, can´t stand watching TV or movies and I don´t like to play video games. I like everything happening right in my face. If I didn´t have this job, I´d be in a world of trouble.”





Black backpack
Black rifle