– Mega-Marines #4

Code Name: Mirage

Bio-Artillery Expert

File Name: Balkun, Joseph R.

SN: 6060-JB-824

Primary Military Speciality: Rocket-Fire Assaults

Secondary Military Speciality: Heavy Artillery

Birthplace: Molsen, Washington

Grade: E-6

Fighting Cobra Mega-Monsters call for powerful weapons and skilled soldiers trained to use them; Mirage is just such a soldier. He´s a specialist in heavy weapons armaments including bazookas, AK-47 assault rifles, MAC-10 submachine guns adn “ripple-fire” rocket launchers. Mirage was trained by Roadblock, who taught him how to lay down heavy cover fire and launch shoulder-mounted rockets while under an enemy attack. When the Mega-Marines began recruiting men who could handle heavy, high-tech firepower, Mirage was their first choice.

“Bazookas are OK, but I´ll take a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher any day!”



Green rifle
Green submachinegun
Green knife
Blue missile launcher
2x green missiles
Blue body armor
Black/green bio-armor container