Gung-Ho v5
– Mega-Marines #1

Code Name: Gung-Ho

Mega-Marine Commander

File Name: LaFitte, Ettiene R.

SN: 656-2456-ER89

Primary Military Speciality: Bio-Military Expert

Secondary Military Speciality: Heavy Weapons

Birthplace: Fer-De-Lance, Louisiana

Grade: E-9

Born on the bayou, Gung-Ho´s background in hostile environments and experience in the U. S. Marine Corps made him a natural choice to command the Mega-Marine forces. Gung-Ho knows you can never be sure where and when a Mega-Monster will turn up, so you have to be prepared at all times. He demands that his Mega-Marines sleep with one eye open, that way they won´t think it´s just a nightmare they´ve having when the Mega-Monters really attack! Gung-Ho is known for his effectiveness in neutralizing the most dangerous enemies – a skill that will be put to the test fighting these genetically enhanced creeps!

“This isn´t just another ´bug-hunt´ – it´s war!”



Black machinegun
Black shotgun
Black submachinegun
Black machete
Orange helmet
Orange missile launcher
2x black missiles
Yellow body armor