Tunnel Rat

Code Name: Tunnel Rat


File Name: Lee, Nicky

SN: 367-84-9090

Primary Military Speciality: E.O.D.
(Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

Secondary Military Speciality: Combat Engineer

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Grade: E-5

Tunnel Rat´s family tree is Trinidadian Chinese with branches of Irish, Spanish and Indian thrown in. He grew up mean on the streets of Brooklyn, got tough on the Ranger Course at Fort Benning and honed his skills in Grenada. He is a qualified expert with all NATO small arms and is familiar with most Warsaw Pact explosive devices.

“Tunnel Rat believes that anything that doesn´t kill you, makes you stronger. His feeling about crawling into an enemy tunnel with a knife in one hand, a pistol in the other and a flashlight in his mouth is simple – he can shoot straighter, bite harder and run faster than anything he´s encountered in a tunnel, so why worry.”



Green backpack
2 x green flashlights
Green ammo bag
Black machinegun