Code Name: Tracker

Navy S.E.A.L.

File Name: Groen, Christopher R.

SN: 672-4792-XM42

Primary Military Speciality: Navy S.E.A.L.

Secondary Military Speciality: Underwater Arms Developer

Birthplace: Helena, Arkansas

Grade: E-7

Tracker was one of the few G.I. Joe trainees to totally elude the instructors during the “Escape and Evasion” phase of the indoctrination course. This prompted the cadets to run through the exercise a second time to see how Tracker performed. This time, the commander employed Mercer and Snake Eyes as the quarry. Tracker ran them into the ground in less than twelve hours, which is a pretty remarkable feat considering that no one had ever been able to pick up their trail before.

“Sometimes the bad guys get smart and think they can throw us off the scent by cutting across a swamp or going up stream. Whenever the trail seems to stop at a body of water, we just call Tracker to take it from that point. He just pumps up his covert insertion raft and paddles away until the track shows up on dry land again. It´s almost as if he can see footprints on the surface of the water!”



Orange inflatable raft
Orange paddle
Orange submachinegun
Black visor