Code Name: Topside

Navy Assault Seaman

File Name: Blanchet, John

SN: 692-8812-HO89

Primary Military Speciality: Navy Assault Seaman

Secondary Military Speciality: Tele-Communications Specialist

Birthplace: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Grade: E-6

Topside grew up on a small Indiana farm where he helped his father raise prize-winning pigs. After winning numerous county fair awards for his pigs, Topside quickly gained the reputation as Fort Wayne´s Hog Master. When he was 20, Topside decided to leave the farm in search of a more exciting career. He enlisted in the Navy and served as a deck hand on a ship that transported a G.I. Joe covert team to a mission site. Fed up with listening to the land-lubbers´ tales of toughness, he decided to take them all on at once! Because of his boldness and ability to look danger in the eye, he was offered a spot on the G.I. Joe team.

“A really intense training programme can produce a fairly tough individual, but Topside was born tough. He can down a plate of greasy scrambled eggs and hot sausages while sailing through seas rough enough to send salty chief petty officers to the rail! I saw him take a full wind-up, upper-cut punch from another seaman and not even budge. Needless to say, that other seaman didn´t stay around to get Topside´s response.”



White backpack
White Helmet
White stand
White submachinegun
3 x red missiles