Code Name: Sub-Zero

Winter Operations Specialist

File Name: Habershaw, Mark

SN: 000-0617-AT89

Primary Military Speciality: Winter Operations Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Field Artillery

Birthplace: Smithfield, Rhode Island

Grade: O-2

Sub-Zero was an instructor at the Army Northern Warfare Training Center in Fort Greeley, Alaska and a consultant to the Cold Regions Test Center at the same facility. He beat all records for cold weather endurance solely on MEANNESS! Before he was tapped for G.I. Joe, Sub-Zero used his “deep-freeze” combat tactics in Europe´s Operation Chill so that the troops would be well prepared if any winter confrontation should erupt.

“All the other G.I. Joe Arctic specialists like the cold. Not Sub-Zero! He hates it to the MAX! It drives him so far up the wall that it brings out a special kind of meanness unheard of in the western world. We´re talking MAXIMUM MEANNESSS! So why does he keep volunteering for cold weather assignments? Because he enjoys being MEAN!”



White backpack
White mortar
White motar stand
2 x grey snow shoes
4 x grey grenades
Grey machinegun
Grey bipod
Gold ammobelt