Snow Storm v3
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Snow Storm

High-Tech Snow Trooper

File Name: Suarez, Guillermo “Willie”

Primary Military Speciality: Arctic Warfare

Secondary Military Speciality: Cold Weather Survival Instructor

Birthplace: Havana, Cuba

Grade: E-6

Snow Storm was recruited for the G. I. Joe team after Colonel Courage saw him defeat an entire band of hostile revolutionaries who were trying to infiltrate a peaceful Caribbean village. Snow Storm joined the Joe´s but disliked his first assignment: to stop Cobra Vipers from attacking a science station at the North Pole. He wasn´t afraid of the Vipers, he just hated the cold! Nevertheless, he accomplished this frigid mission and agreed to stay in the Arctic where he functions so well at pulverizing Cobra!



Beige rifle
Beige machinegun
Beige gun
Beige knife
2x Beige missiles
Orange missile launcher