Snow Storm v2
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Snow Storm

High-Tech Snow Trooper

File Name: Suarez, Guillermo “Willie”

SN: 042-69-DR

Primary Military Speciality: Arctic Warfare

Secondary Military Speciality: Cold Weather Survival Instructor

Birthplace: Havana, Cuba

Grade: E-6

Snow Storm was recruited for the G. I. Joe team after Colonel Courage saw him defeat an entire band of hostile revolutionaries who were trying to infiltrate a peaceful Caribbean village. Snow Storm accepted the Joe´s offer but disliked his first assignment: to stop Cobra Vipers from attacking a science station at the North Pole. He wasn´t afraid of the Vipers, he just hated the cold! Nevertheless, he accomplished this frigid mission (and many others) with great success. After being given a customized, high-tech thermal suit to wear, he agreed to stay in the Arctic where he functions so well at pulverizing Cobra!

“If only I wasn´t so good at my job, maybe I´d get assigned somewhere SOUTH of the equator!”



White machinegun
White gun
White rifle
White knife
Brown missile launcher
2x white missiles