Short-Fuze v1.5

Code Name: Short-Fuze

Mortar Soldier

File Name: Freistadt, Eric W.

SN: RA 380-225-432

Primary Military Speciality: Artillery

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry Engineer

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Grade: E-4

Short-Fuze comes from military family (Father and Grandfather both career Top Sergeants). Enjoys abstract mathematics and can plot artillery azimuths and triangulations in his head. Specialized Education: Artillery School; Engineer School; Advanced Infantry Training. Qualified Expert: M-14; M-16; M1911A1; M-79 (Grenade Launcher); M-2 (60mm Light Mortar); M-1 (81mm Medium Mortar).

“Short-Fuze is logical and sensative. Has a tendency to blow his stack – hence the nick-name…Short-Fuze”



Green backpack
Green helmet
Clear visor
Black mortar
Black mortar stand (thick handle)