Code Name: Scoop

Combat Information Specialist

File Name: Michaels, Leonard

SN: 887-11-9986

Primary Military Speciality: Journalist

Secondary Military Speciality: Microware Transmission Specialist

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Grade: E-4

It takes a special kind of guy to step up from behind cover during a firefight and keep his finger squeezing the trigger – of his videocam! With an advanced degree in journalism, as well as a master degree in electrical engineering, Scoop could have had a secure future with a network news team. Instead, he opted for service on the G.I. Joe Team because he wanted to be on the spot when the news was being made, not reporting the aftermath!

“The other G.I. Joes were a bit put off by Scoop at first. They resented having a “third wheel” tagging along lugging 60 pounds of video equipment and not much firepower! They changed their minds after he carried a wounded comrade two clicks to an extremely hairy evacuation site for a medivac. All the while his camera captured the whole thing on tape! Now that´s called doing your job and then some!”



Green helmet
Green microphone
Grey backpack
Grey videocamera
Black hose