Code Name: Sci-Fi

Laser Trooper

File Name: Finé, Sebastian P.

SN: RA 793-29-1929

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Electronics

Birthplace: Strasbourg, France

Grade: E-4

Sci-Fi lives in a slow-motion world. He takes life easy, and is never in a hurry to get anywhere to do anything. But that´s what it takes to be a laser-rifleman. At a range of 4km, the impact spot of laser light will jump 30 metres for every millimetre movement at the source. That spot has got to be held on target long enough to burn through that source, otherwise it´s no more harmful than a warm breeze.

“When Sci-Fi braces his weapon and sights in on a target, he becomes a rock – no discernible movement of any kind. Birds perch on top of his helmet. He transcends mere stillness to another plane of immobility. You don´t ever see the trigger finger move. It´s as if he wills that beam of light to stab the darkness.”



Green backpack
Black laser rifle
Black hose