Sci-Fi v2

Code Name: Sci-Fi

Directed Energy Expert

File Name: Fine, Seymour P.

SN: 793-2919-SF29*

Primary Military Speciality: Laser Weapons Systems Operator

Secondary Military Speciality: Electronic Instrument Repair

Birthplace: Geraldine, Montana

Grade: E-4

* Sci-Fi´s Security Number has been specially modified to prevent breaches in G.I. Joe security.

Licensed to operate: Mobile Battle Bunker, Hammer, Avalanche.

Sci-Fi´s facination with electronics and high tech laser optics forced him to take a leave of absence to complete his Master´s Degree in Electronic Engineering. By combining a laser weapon´s remote target designator, range-finder and an optical signaler, Sci-Fi was able to perfect an unparalleled defensive security system as part of his Master´s thesis. The program has since been adopted for field-testing by the Department of Defence under the designation XMLWS-2A.

“Let´s face it. Sci-Fi is not the kind of guy you want to go to town with. He has no sense of humor and is only interested in things with integrated circuits or complex optics. On the other hand, Sci-Fi is the guy you want with you in the field. Not only can he hit targets at extreme range with his private arsenal of laser weapons, he can put a laser dot on a squad of tanks so then can be zapped by air strikes. His ability to repair electronics equipment is invaluable when you consider everything in the unit´s inventory has been built by the lowest bidder.”



Black helmet
Silver backpack
Silver missile launcher
Silver laser rifle
Yellow missile
2 x Black hose