Rip Cord

Code Name: Rip Cord

HALO Jumper
(High Altitude Low Opening)

File Name: Weems, Wallace A.

SN: RA 148-231-056

Primary Military Speciality: Airborne Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Demolitions

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio

Grade: E-4

Rip Cord joined the Civil Air Patrol in high school. Discovered skydiving and joined the G.I. Joe team so he could jump from much higher altitudes. Qualified expert: M-16; M-1911A1 Auto Pistol; Carl Gustav 9mm parabellum; Browning high-power.

“Let´s say you got a trouble spot – you can´t sail, walk or ride in. So you send a plane in so high that it can´t be seen or heard. Rip Cord jumps and drops like a rock for thousands of feet, then open his chute at the last possible moment to avoid visual and electronic detection. What does he once he hits the ground you don´t want to hear about.”



Green parachute pack
Green rifle
Black helmet
Black airmask