Code Name: Recoil

L.R.R.P. (Long Recon Patrol)
(Pronounced “Lurp”)

File Name: Felton, Joseph

SN: 007-8866-DD66

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: RTO (Radio Telephone Operator)

Birthplace: Clifton, Derby

Grade: E-5

Recoil, who was a marathon runner and professional body builder before he joined G.I. Joe. His excellent physical shape put him in good stead to be a “Lurp”. A Lurp sneaks out into the bush carrying 100 pounds of hear, including rations, radio, weapons, ammo and climbing rope. He is expected to penetrate deep within enemy territory, gather intelligence and extricate himself without being detected. A Lurp who has to use weapons is not a true Lurp!

“Recoil would be a lot more popular if he wasn´t practicing all the time. Oh, he puts in regular time at the survival ranges, but that´s not what I mean….he practices SNEAKING UP ON PEOPLE. You think you´re all alone, lost in your thoughts, then all of a sudden, he´s standing right next to you! When people ask him what his job in the Army is, he tells them, ´Being quite´.”



Green case
Dark green backpack
Dark green antenna
Blue pistol
Blue rifle