Code Name: Rampart

Shoreline Defender

File Name: Felix, Dwayne A.

SN: 313-6094-SP19

Primary Military Speciality: Shoreline Defender

Secondary Military Speciality: ADA* Missile Specialist

Birthplace: New York City, New York

Grade: E-4

* Air Defence Artillery

Rampart spent most of his teenage years in video arcades or glued to his home video game monitor. Being gifted with abnormally rapid reflexes and extraordinary hand/eye coordination, he quickly mastered every known video game in existence. By the time he graduated from college, Rampart realized there was only one line of work best suited to challenge his abilities – the military. He enlisted in the Navy, specializing in air defence artillery, and in no time, attained the highest combat success ratio in the 7th Fleet for “splashing” enemy aircraft.

“Proficiency in most video games depends upon one´s ability to quickly analyze shifts in the spatial movement of images, and to react to such changes faster than anybody else. The same is true in destroying incoming enemy missiles. Rampart gets his jollies seeing a Cobra heat-seeker explode just before it hits the target. It beats the heck out of logging initials into a video game´s ´Top Ten´ listing.”



Grey missile launcher
2 x Black missiles
Black machinegun
2 x Black stands