Code Name: Pathfinder

Jungle Assault Specialist

File Name: Iannotti, William V.

SN: 040-9812-JA41

Primary Military Speciality: Jungle Assault Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Forward Observer/Recon

Birthplace: Key West, Florida

Grade: E-6

By growing up in the alligator-infested swamplands of southern Florida, Pathfinder quickly learned how to find his way around in order to stay alive! With his father´s help, Pathfinder mastered the ways of the jungle survival. He learned how to make trails where there were none, to detect unnatural jungle sounds, and to attack unsuspecting targets swiftly and quietly. When he was eighteen, Pathfinder enlisted in the Army and began a career as a jungle recon specialist. Almost immediately, he became the army´s premiere jungle/rain forest tactical assualt expert. Pathfinder was then ordered to serve as G.I. Joe´s jungle assault specialist where he is now responsible for all covert operations involving attacks on Cobra Island.

“We could be chest-deep in a midnight swamp, with mosquitos in our ears, leeches in our boots, and Cobra Night-Vipers firing up our tails with tracers, but as long as Pathfinder has the point, we´ll come out smelling like roses. He learned everything from his father, a decorated reconnaissance grunt from the Korean War. Like his father, he doesn´t know the meaning of the word surrender. When Pathfinder leads a jungle patrol he doesn´t stop until the job is successfully completed and all objectives have been accomplished. And I mean ALL objectives!”



Black/silver weed eater
Grey backpack
2 x Grey machine guns
2 x silver ammo belts
Black hose