Outback v3
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Outback

Survival Specialist

File Name: Selkirk, Stuart R.

SN: 688-T27-4213

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Survival Training Instructor

Birthplace: Big Piney, Wyoming

Grade: E-5

Outback was an instructor at G.I. Joe┬┤s Survival School and the Jungle Warfare Training Center. He has had extensive experience in Central America and may or may not have participated in clandestine operations in the Middle East. Most people are intimidated by wilderness and feel uncomfortable in an area where there is no sign of human life for miles. Not Outback! He believes in being part of his environment, not its adversary! He is well aware of the dangers surrounding him in a strange jungle or desolate wilderness and he respects those dangers, which is why he has never been caught off guard.

“I always teach three things: be tough, be dedicated, and kick Cobra butt!”



Red rifle
Red machinegun rifle
Red machine gun
Blue missile launcher
2x red missiles