– Battle Corps

Code Name: Mace

Undercover Operative

File Name: Bowman, Thomas S.

SN: 463-NH-739D

Primary Military Speciality: Undercover Surveillance

Secondary Military Speciality: Intelligense

Birthplace: Denver, Colerado

Grade: E-8

After years of undercover work gaining the trust of high-level criminals, Mace has managed to infiltrate some of the largest crime syndicates in the world. While concealing his true identity, he leaks valuable information to his Battle Corps partners who use the information to raid crime warehouses and bust unsuscpecting Cobra villains. Every day Mace stays undercover, his life is in jeopardy. But to him, no risk is too great to continue the war against crime and to protect the innocent. From the Colorado Rockies to the shores of Tripoli, Mace is always ready to fight for what´s right!

“I always have the last laugh on Cobra criminals, right after I lock them up!”




Yellow helmet
Yellow knife
Yellow rifle
Yellow gun
Yellow machinegun
Black missile launcher
2x yellow missiles