Code Name: Low-Light

Night Spotter

File Name: MacBride, Cooper G.

SN: RA 827-48-5037

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Marksmanship Instructor

Birthplace: Crosby, North Dakota

Grade: E-6

As a child in North Dakota, Low-Light was afraid of the dark, timid with animals and shy of loud noises…until one precarious hunting expedition with his father. Low-Light somehow lost his way in the impenetrable darkness. He was found three weeks later with his flashlight, .22 rifle and a grin from ear to ear. Ten years later he was an instructor at the Army marksmanship program in Fort Benning and a self-taught expert on image intensification.

“The Joes like to have Low-Light along for the ride. They know that if something gets really hairy, and that´s bound to happen sooner or later, all they have to do is wait until dark…it doesn´t matter what field or fire the bad guys control – the night belongs to Low-Light”



Black backpack
Black Uzi machinegun
Black sniperrifle w/bipod