Low-Light v3

Code Name: Low-Light

Night Fighter

File Name: MacBride, Cooper G.

SN: 827-4850-CM37*

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry (11B)

Secondary Military Speciality: Sharp Shooter

Birthplace: Crosby, North Dakota

Grade: E-6 (Staff Sergent)

 *: Low-Light´s Security Number has been specially modified to prevent breaches in G.I. Joe security

Licensed to operate: Hammer, Avalanche, General.

Qualified Expert: M-16A2 5.56mm rifle, M-24 7.62 sniper rifle

Totally proficient in the use and maintenance of all third generation image intensifiers (starlight scopes), infrared metascopes, and thermal imaging devices, Low-Light takes complete command of the darkness! His passive night sights are augmented by seismic and magnetic intrusion detectors, giving him a clear indication of threats out to 600 meters, and all without revealling his own position!

“It could be a moonless night under triple canopy jungle, the very air so dark you can hold your hand in front of your face and not know how many fingers you have up. You close your eyes and open them again and there´s no difference! Suddenly, you hear something or somebody moving out in the bush, creeping towards you, but you´re not worried; because you know that Low-Light is out there too – and unlike whoever is sneaking up on you, Low-Light doesn´t make mistakes!”



Black flashlight
Black knife
Black submachinegun
Black helmet
Black/red visor
Black backpack