Code Name: Lightfoot

Explosive Expert

File Name: Owens, Cory R.

SN: 075-09-4876

Primary Military Speciality: Demolitions

Secondary Military Speciality: Artillery Coordinator

Birthplace: Wichita, Kansas

Grade: E-4

Fifty percent of any military manualĀ  on explosives consists of mathematical tables for calculating amounts of explosives needed, safe firing distances, power requirements for firing circuits, and formulas for cutting structural steel, timber and breaching various forms of bunker material. Lightfoot has memorized all of them, as well as all the conversion tables for foreign and non-military explosives. He’s not taking any chances…

“Lightfoot has elevated being careful to an artform. You might say he’s a Zen fussbudget. His eyes sweep the ground before him in measured quadrants, alert for tripwires, signs of digging, and out-of-place vegetation. He sniffs the air for that smell of ‘dead rubber.’ Lightfoot may take twice as long to clear an area, but at least you won’t get any nasty surprises.”



Blue helmet
Green backpack
Green handle w/cable
Orange remote vehicle