Code Name: Leatherneck


File Name: Metzger, Wendell A.

SN: RA 368-10-0025

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Drill Sergeant

Birthplace: Berchesgarten, W. Germany

Grade: Gunnery Sergeant

Leatherneck was the hardest gunny that ever slogged through the mud of Camp Nürnberg. Before that, he was the toughest drill sergeant in Hanover. Before that, he was the roughest tech sergeant of the 1st Recon Bn* in Vietnam. Before THAT, he was the meanest corporal in Saarbrucken. Civilian badness just doesn´t count.

*Recon Battalion

“He is uncouth, self opinionated and overbearing. And he has no patience at all with the indecisive, the lazy and the dishonest. Not a man you can like, but one you can trust.”



Green backpack
Grey M-16 w/grenadethrower