Law & Order

Code Name: Law & Order

M.P. & K-9

File Name: Lavigne, Christopher

SN: 044-56-8883

Primary Military Speciality: Military Police

Secondary Military Speciality: Intelligence

Birthplace: Streatham, London

Grade: E-4

Law and Order walked the beat for two years before Law decided that there must be a more fulfilling way to be a copper, so he and his canine “Order” enlisted for the M.P.´s. Law is a trained dog-handler with a natural affinity for animals. He is also Airborne qualified.

“M.P.´s are responsible for the security of an installation. That may sound like cushy job if all they are guarding is a garrison full of clerks, cooks and accountants, but it´s another matter altogether when they´re acting as the defensive line for an elite unit like Action Force. The bad guys are going to send in the best they have and that´s not good enough to get past Law & Order. You don´t want to mess with him and that dog of his. Chew your leg right off, he will. After that, you still have to deal with the dog!”



White helmet
Black UZI machinegun
Black baton
Black dogleash