Lady Jaye

Code Name: Lady Jaye

Covert Operations

File Name: Hart-Burnett, Alison R.

SN: 853-71-6749

Primary Military Speciality: Intelligence

Secondary Military Speciality: Personnel Clerk

Birthplace: Cork, Ireland

Grade: N/A

Lady Jaye graduated from Trinity College, Dublin before hitching her way around the world. An accomplished actress and mime as well as a studied linguist, she  still retains the faint Gaelic lilt to her speech but can easily pass as a native in France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Germany, Afghanistan, Spain, and Portugal.

Airborne and Ranger qualified, graduated intelligence school Curragh camp. Qualified Expert: M-16, M1911A1 and reflex crossbow.

“Lady Jaye doesn’t go in for that false wig and rubber mask brand of disguise like those jokers on Mission Improbable…She becomes the subject: body language, subtle gesture, correct shading of dialect. The right look in the eye. Cloaked and sandalled, she can squat down with a basket of oranges in any Middle Eastern market place and blend in perfectly.”



Green backpack
Green videorecorder
Grey javelingun