Keel-Haul v2
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Keel-Haul


File Name: Colby, Everett P.

SN: 0672-38-4202

Primary Military Speciality: Naval Command General Staff

Secondary Military Speciality: Pilot

Birthplace: Charlottesville, Virginia

Grade: O-9 (3-star Vice Admiral)

Keel-Haul became a legend flying Phantom F-4´s, but his career really “took off” when he became the first aircraft carrier captain to double as a fighter pilot. His carrier had come under a masse Cobra attack and he needed to get more planes in the air if the ship – and its crew – was to survive. Since there were no more pilots available, Keel-Haul jumped into a Ghoststriker X-16 jet and roared off the flight deck with all guns blazing. With the added firepower and inspiration he brought to the skies, the Joes won the battle minutes later. According to Keel-Haul, no enemy is too great a threat that a few air-to-ground heat-seeking missiles won´t cure!

“I don´t know which is better, commanding an aircraft carrier or flying jets, that´s why I do both!”



Blue rifle
Blue machinegun
Blue knife
2x blue missiles
Brown missile launcher