Code Name: Jinx


File Name: Top Secret

SN: 037-42-4683

Primary Military Speciality: Intelligence

Secondary Military Speciality: Finance Clerk

Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales

Grade: E-5

Jinx studied and competed in three forms of martial arts from the time she was seven until she graduated from Bangor. Upon arriving in Japan for a holiday, she discovered that her family had been ninjas for generations and she was officially initiated into the clan. Jinx was recruited for the Action Force team by Snake-Eyes.

“Don’t underestimate Jinx. She has been to the Secret Mountain and studied the Seven Silent Forms with the Blind Master. She has the Eye That Pierces, the Iron Hand and the Heart That Waits. She can see through your deception, batter aside your defenses and dazzle you with the strength of her will.”



Black backpack
Silver swords
Silver Naginata