Code Name: Iceberg

Snow Trooper

File Name: Nash, Clifton L.

SN: RA 271-65-5660

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Cold Weather Survival Instructor

Birthplace: Brownsville, Texas

Grade: E-5

Iceberg hates hot weather. In Brownsville in the summer, you can spit on the pavement and watch it sizzle. While other kids saved up for bicycles, Iceberg saved up for an air conditioner. When he was old enough to enlist, he signed up and asked for duty in Alaska. He had found his element. Qualified expert: M-16A2, M-79, M-60 and M-1911A1.

“We have plenty of cold weather specialists that can stand the cold well enough but very few that like it. Iceberg´s just not happy until the mercury dips below zero. This is not to say he´s unaware of the dangers of cold weather or that he is impervious to the lethal effects of hypothermia. Rather, his love for ultra-cold climates has forced him to learn every aspect of arctic survival.”



White rifle