Heavy Duty

Code Name: Heavy Duty

Heavy Ordnance Trooper

File Name: Morris, Lamont A.

SN: 807-0246-LM65

Primary Military Speciality: Laser Weapons Systems Operator (11H)

Secondary Military Speciality: Indirect Fire Infantryman (11C)

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Grade: E-5


Licensed to operate: Mobile Battle Bunker, Hammer, General.

A classical guitarist in his spare time, Heavy Duty sees little difference between playing Bach’s “Two Part Invention in D Minor” and operating his Man-Portable Heavy Weapons System. They both require right and left hand independence, exceptional hand-eye coordination and the ability to concentrate simultaneously on two or more complex operations. To him, playing Bach correctly and hitting a distant, fast-moving target are two sides of the same coin. It also represents his cultural refinement.

“Let’s say you zap a laser-guided missile at a tank. You try to keep your laser-guided designator dot on that tank for the entire run of the missile while that tank commander is popping caps at you. If you move, the laser dot disappears from the tank and your missile wanders astray. Heavy Duty carries enough extra firepower to shut down the enemy while his missiles are running. And Heavy Duty doesn’t duck for ANYBODY!”




Green missiles
Dark green launchers
Dark green backpack
Dark green handlebar
Black dual cannon
Red visor-scope