Code Name: Hardball

Multi-Shot Grenadier

File Name: Duggleby, Simon S.

SN: 075-09-4876

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Special Services

Birthplace: Cooperstown, New York

Grade: E-4

After five seasons of playing centrefield in the minor leagues, Hardball came to the realization that the big league scouts just weren’t interested in athletic prowess; they wanted star quality. The G. I. Joe Team was more interested in team-players than in stars, and they had a real need for a guy who could judge distances accurately and react quickly with deliberation.

“Grenade launchers are fitted with adjustable, graduated sights, calibrated in 25 meter increments. In a firefight, nobody wants to start readjusting sights – especially the blooper man. Hardball can drop a 40mm frag into a bucket from 75 meters, simply by eyeballing it. The man’s a natural.”



Green backpack
Grey grenade launcher