Gung-Ho v4
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Gung-Ho

U.S. Marine

File Name: LaFitte, Ettiene R.

SN: 656-2456-ER89

Primary Military Speciality: Reconnaissance

Secondary Military Speciality: Tank Annihilator

Birthplace: Fer-De-Lance, Louisiana

Grade: E-9 (Sergeant Major)

When the going gets rough, that´s when the Marine Corps gets sent in. The same is true for G. I. Joe. When his buddies have their backs against the wall, Gung-Ho moves in to do some heavy butt-kicking. The other G. I. Joes claim Gung-Ho is the scariest, craziest jar-head who ever kicked and clawed his way out of the Corps´ ultimate hole in the swamp – Parris Island! What kind of hard-case considers an anti-tank missile launcher a personal weapon? Gung-Ho, that´s who!

“I thought you wanted the job done right?. Isn´t that why you called in the Marines?”




Black machinegun
Flag w/black pole
Blue missile
Black missile launcher
Black backpack