Gung-Ho v2

Code Name: Gung-Ho

U.S. Marine Dress Uniform

File Name: La Fitte, Etienne R.

SN: MC 564-88-3900

Primary Military Speciality: Recondo Instructor

Secondary Military Speciality: Jungle Warfare Training Instructor

Birthplace: Fer-de Lance, Louisiana

Grade: E-7 (Sergeant)

Gung-Ho was born and raised in a swamp, went to boot camp in a swamp and spent most of his Marine Corps career sneaking around in other countriesĀ“ swamps with a grenade launcher in his hands. He can low-crawl through the nastiest black-water, stinking mud, bubbling slime for a week with half his body covered in leeches and the other half raw with bug bites and still make an 0700 inspection formation with polished brass, spit-shined shoes, razor creases and a mean look in his eye. ThatĀ“s a Marine!



Gold sword