General Hawk v2
– Talking Battle Commanders

Code Name: General Hawk

G. I. Joe Commander

File Name: Abernathy, Clayton M.

SN: RA21-275-406

Birthplace: Denver, Colorado

Grade: O-8 (Major General)

One thing the G. I. Joes know for certain, when they hear Hawk give the command to “MOVE OUT”, he´ll be giving it from in front of them and not from the rear! As commanding officer of the G. I. Joe Team with the rank of a 2-star General, Hawk could command his unit from an armored bunker or a high-flying aircraft, but that´s not his style. He´s a West Point graduate who´s smart enough to know that 10 minutes with his soldiers on a real battlefield is worth more than a year in the classroom, and such an act will do more for their morale than a regiment of donut dollies ever could — well, almost. Hawk enjoys directing the combat action from the G. I. Joe Patriot or from the G. I. Joe Fort America!



Gold rifle
Gold gun
Gold antenna
Gold backpack