General Flagg

Code Name: General Flagg

G. I. Joe General

File Name: Flagg III, James Longstreet

SN: 212-9820-GU95

Primary Military Speciality: Chief Strategic Commander

Secondary Military Speciality: General Commander

Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia

Grade: O-7

He´s the son of the original G. I. Joe Commanding General, (after whom the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier was named). General Flagg is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, as were five preceding generations of Flaggs. Carrying on where his father left off, General Flagg likes to be in the thick of it, meaning he needs a personal weapon as devasting as the G. I. Joe Brawler.

“Don´t just take the high ground, take it all!”




Black missile
Black machinegun
Brown hat
Green/black missile launcher