Fast Draw

Code Name: Fast Draw

Mobile Missile Specialist

File Name: Brown, Eddie

SN: 677-01-0350

Primary Military Speciality: Ordnance

Secondary Military Speciality: Clerk Typist

Birthplace: Bracknell, Berkshire

Grade: E-4

Fast Draw carries the new FAFNIR* missile system and wears the necessary protective suit to shield himself from the hot exhaust gases. The FAFNIR target acquisition and homing devices are all self-contained in the missile ifself allowing the operator to take cover immediately after launch. Target lock-on displays are projected on the interior of the helmet face plate as well as threat and malfunction warnings. the missile is extremely fast and resistant to ECM* jamming.

*´Fire and Forget´ Non-tube launched Infantry Rocket

*  Electronic Counter Measure

“Fast Draw thinks of himself as a wild-west gunfighter. A whole squadron of Cobra STUNS could be rumbling across the landscape at him and he just stands there with a missile rack in each hand and that come-and-get-it look in his eyes. You might call him arrogant but at least he has the firepower to back him up.”



Green missile pack
Red/silver visor
Blue airhose
2 White missiles
2 White handles
2 Black hoses