Code Name: Downtown

Mortar Man

File Name: Riley, Thomas P.

SN: 131-7804-RT76

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Special Operations

Birthplace: Luton, Bedfordshire

Grade: E-4

A highly mobile, rapid strike force like G.I. Joe can´t depend upon slow, ponderous artillery to keep up with them. They need to bring their own fire-support with them in the form of a high-powered mortar, but a mortar man in the field can only carry a limited number of shells, so he had better be able to make every shot count! Downtown can judge range and path of a bullet just by eyesight. if he knows where the target is, he can hit it!

“If Downtown sets up his mortar in the car park of a football ground and had a spotter sitting in the stadium, he could put a round on the penalty spot within two attempts! Downtown picked up his name playing football. He didn´t have the height for headers, but he had a reputation for never missing a shot!”



Orange helmet
Black backpack
6 Black mortar shells
Black pistol
Black suitcase (not for this figure)
Black mortar (3 pcs)