Deep Six v2

Code Name: Deep Six

Deep Sea Diver

File Name: Willoughby, Malcom R.

SN: 232-90-5149

Primary Military Speciality NEC*: Master Diver

Secondary Military Speciality: Underwater Demolition Instructor

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland

Grade: E-7 CPO (Chief Petty Officer)

*Navy Enlisted Classification

Always a loner and an individualist, Deep Six rarely talks to his G.I. Joe teammates and barely remembers their code names, but his loyalty to the organisation is unquestionable. He has recently given up crossword puzzles and bottle-cap collecting to devote his off-duty hours to recording and studying whale-songs. he is qualified underwater demolitions instructor and an avidc supporter of public television.

“Cobra is always coming up with new underwater specialists, none of which can fill Deep Six´s flippers. It severely cuts down on efficiency if, while sabotaging off-shore drilling platforms or trans-oceanic cables, Cobra divers have to constantly look over their shoulders to make sure that Deep Six isn´t sneaking up behind them to cut their air hoses!”



Orange helmet
Black backpack
Black airhose
Grey bouy
Grey speargun