Cross-Country v2
– Battle Corps

Code Name: Cross-Country

Transport Expert

File Name: Blais, Robert M.

SN: 06D-50-25T

Primary Military Speciality: Battle Wagon Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Mudbuster Driver

Birthplace: Greensboro, N. Carolina

Grade: E-5

Cross-Country´s father was a bulldozer operator and his mother drove a grader in the South. You might say this good ol´ country boy was born to drive big things that run on diesel. And then you hear his “rebel yell”, and see his Southern flag on the back of his jacket flash by, you´ll know he is on his way to do some serious Cobra butt kicking. Bazooka might be a wildman behind the wheel of his Blockbuster, but Cross-Country will drive that Battle Wagon over anything that gets in his way, especially if it has the Cobra insignia on it!

“I´m always ready to battle anything rotten like I did in my days back in the land of cotton.”




Black knife
Black gun
Black submachinegun
Black rifle
Blue missile launcher
2x black missiles
Orange backpack