Code Name: Chuckles


File Name: Provost, Philip M.

SN: 299-58-5214

Primary Military Speciality: Criminal Investigations Division

Secondary Military Speciality: Intelligence

Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas

Grade: E-5

Chuckles has been undercover for so long that nobody is really sure about who he actually works for. He got his start in “hole-and-corner” operations at Southeastern Insurance Group in Fort Lauderdale where he still feels he owes his main allegiance. Chuckles is a man´s man, every CID boy´s favorite companion. Not just because of his jocularity or his perseverance in the field, but because he is so conscientious about keeping up his “cover” that he´ll volunteer for missions that nobody else wants to go on.

“Chuckles´ natural likability is his greatest asset. He can sit around all day with a bunch of Cobras, grinning, cracking jokes and punching shoulders, all the while wearing a miniature transmitter that´s being homed in on by the Joe Team. Chuckles is aware of the consequences of being found out… He´s also confident of his ability to fight his way out of any situation.”



Brown harness
Black handgun