Code Name: Bullhorn

Intervention Specialist

File Name: Ferreira, Stephen A.

SN: 780-5287-FR33

Primary Military Speciality: Intervention Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Armor

Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island

Grade: E-5

Bullhorn is an extremely calm individual, possessing an open and compassionate personality. He´s exactly the type of person needed to negotiate with wackos and fanatics who have an axe to grind with society. Of course, that same steely coolness also comes in handy when he is forced to take decisive action that requires an accurate and lethal delivery of firepower!

“Everyone is willing to talk to Bullhorn! And why shouldn´t they be? He has the looks of a choirboy and is a good listener. This guy has more finesse then the slickest diplomat, using it to convince his adversaries that he actually CARES about their problems. That´s when they discover the folly of messing with a former hand-to-hand combat instructor from Quantico who is also a contender for the national practical pistol title!”



Grey rifle case (backpack)
Black rubber gasmask
Black sniper rifle (3 pcs)
Black machinegun
Tan bullhorn (2 pcs)