Code Name: Budo

Samurai Warrior

File Name: Maito, Imoto

SN: 083-48-1009

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Hand-to-hand combat instructor

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Grade: E-5

Budo´s father was an orthodontist in Kyoto, his grandfather was a farmer in Okayama, his great-grandfather was a worker on the Trans Chubu Road, and his great-great-great grandfather was a Iaido master in one of the last great samurai warrior families of Japan. On his eighteenth birthday he was given the family swords and a haiku written by his ancestor:

The great sword sheathed
glitters brightly in the dark
unseen and at rest

“The man has a fifth-degree black belt in Iaido, (the art of the live blade) and similar rank in three other martial arts. He could have even higher rankings if he didn´t spend so much time working on his chopped, pan-head Harley and listening to heavy metal.”



Silver/red helmet
Brown backpack
Silver sai
Red katana sword
Silver katana in shead