Code Name: Blowtorch


File Name: Hanrahan, Timothy P.

SN: RA 527-34-1209

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry Special Weapons

Secondary Military Speciality: Small-Arms Armorer

Birthplace: Tampa, Florida

Grade: E-4

Blowtorch is thoroughly familiar with all military incendiary devices and flame projection equipment. To Blowtorch, the use of fire in warfare is a science that predates the bow and arrow. Qualified Expert: M-7 Flamethrower; M-16; M1911A Auto Pistol.

“Blowtorch can´t sleep unless he´s near a smoke detector. Cigarette smoke drives him bananas! He always sits near the exit in movie theaters and refuses to live anywhere where he can´t safely jump out the windows. This is not irrational to him. These are actions based on intimate knowledge.”



Yellow helmet
Yellow rubber facemask
Yellow backpack
Green flamethrower